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Cranberry Applesauce

NotesCooking for a Crowd?

Recipe Notes


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Kid friendly


3 1⁄2 pounds
apples, peeled, cored, and roughly chopped (about 8 1/2 medium apples [3” diameter])
1 1⁄2 cups
fresh or frozen cranberries
1⁄2 teaspoon
1⁄2 teaspoon
1⁄3 cup
brown sugar
2 Tablespoons
lemon juice (optional)
1 cup




Photo of Cranberry Applesauce
Prep time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 30 minutes
Makes: 6 cups
Nutrition Facts: View Label
Last updated: 09/21/20

3 Comments for "Cranberry Applesauce"

I love this recipe!  It is bright and fun, so it really appeals to kids.  It is a little tart and a little sweet, which makes it very tasty.

I made this recipe at home with frozen cranberries, added a few more apples and a couple pears. I did not add the brown sugar and the applesauce was still plenty sweet and delicious!

I made this recipe for a lunchroom tasting this week and the kids LOVED it! They all wanted seconds! Because I was making it for such a large quantity (350 students) I opted to use unsweetened applesauce and canned cranberry sauce. Based on the suggestion in the notes, I ommitted the sugar. The color was still beautiful and it tasted great warm or cold. I would definitely make this again!