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Grow This

Oregon Garden Challenge

What is the Challenge? Grow different seeds! 
Anyone can join using their own seeds!  The first 3,000 Oregonians who sign up and request seeds will receive 4 types of seeds in the mail.  The seeds mailed out will be a mix of those listed here: How to Plant and Grow Seeds.

How do I join? 
Fill out a very short survey:

In English:  Grow This Survey

In Spanish: Encuesta de Cultiva Esto!

Join today to follow along!

  • Once a month throughout the growing season, we will email participants a fun letter with new ideas for growing, tips on harvesting, and recipes.
  • Everyone who signs up will also be emailed about any future challenges.
  • On the Food Hero Facebook page, our educators are posting weekly gardening videos and how-to handouts, and hosting live Facebook events.  All materials will also be added to our gardening web page.





Last updated: 07/24/20