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Personal Salad in a Bag

Kid friendly


SALAD (1.5 cups total per person)
leafy green vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, onions, garlic, avocadoes, grated or diced cheese, cooked beans
1 teaspoon bottled dressing; or mix together the following:
½ teaspoon vegetable oil
½ teaspoon lemon juice or vinegar
1 pinch of salt and pepper
1 closable plastic bag
can opener (if using canned food)
cutting board
knife (for vegetables)


  1. Wash all fresh foods. Tear or cut any foods that are larger than a quarter.
  2. Place food for salad in plastic bag. Add dressing to bag.
  3. Close opening of bag securely. Shake bag well.
  4. Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours.
Photo of Personal Salad in a Bag
Prep time: 10 minutes
Makes: 2 cups
Nutrition Facts: View Label


Tastes good! I really appreciated the variety of different vegetables in the salad!

This is a really fun recipe to put together with kids. I like to have them assemble it using vegetables from each part of the plant we eat--carrot/roots, celery/stems, lettuce and spinach mix/leaves, corn or sunflower seeds, brocolli/flower and cucumbers, tomatoes or avacodo for the fruit. This way, they are not only enjoying a healthy snack, but they are excited to learn and share naming all the different parts of plants we eat. It's a recipe that could work well when the tasting is happening at a garden location or in association to garden curriculum.