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Peach and Carrot Smoothie

Kid friendly

Recipe Notes

  • Juice or syrup can be replaced with ¾ cup water and sweetener of your choice.
  • Canned carrots work too! Drain them before adding.
  • Try using fresh carrots but cook them first.


1 medium banana, peeled fresh or frozen
1 cup frozen carrots
1 can (15 ounce) peaches, undrained


  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor including the juice or syrup from the canned peaches.
  2. Blend until smooth.
  3. Serve immediately.
  4. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers within 2 hours.


  • Juice or syrup can be replaced with ¾ cup water and sweetener of your choice.
  • Canned carrots work too! Drain them before adding.
  • Try using fresh carrots but cook them first.


We made this at an after school program for mixed grade kids and they loved it! It would be an easy recipe to quantify and still fit a low cost budget. I would suggest thawing the carrots ahead of time so it's easier work for your blender, unless you have a really powerful appliance. We used partially thawed coin carrots and they were still very difficult to blend. According to the kids, this smoothie was well worth the wait for the blender though!

I think that the flavor of this smoothie is decent, and the kindergarteners we made it with sure liked it!  However, it has a very thick consistency almost like applesauce.  I'm curious if adding some juice (pineapple or orange) would be good to make it thinner?

Great recipe for use when you have a dairy allergy...though the smoothie was very thick!  Most of the kids thought it would be better with a little water or juice added to make it more drinkable.  However, the kids were amazed that a "carrot" smoothie tasted so good.  I served it to two after school classes only one kid out of the 30 who tried it didn't like it. 

Great recipe, people at the food pantry were pleased to learn about a new way to use canned peaches. The smoothie recipe is too thick, I added almond milk (a food panty choice that was unfamiliar to many folks at the pantry). Win-win - two new ways to use food!

I make this ahead of time for events and freeze it in gallon ziploc bags.  Prior to the event, I let a bag thaw a bit and then serve scoops of it.  People really like this recipe. 

I will say that out of the three major grocery stores in town, only one carries frozen carrots so I have also used cooked and cooled baby carrots in the recipe which works well.

We make this smoothie with our classes, and I have to agree with the others that it's very thick and could benefit from added juice, or even water. Pineapple juice would be delicious in it! I serve it with a spoon and it's more of a frozen treat, or applesauce-like consistency than a smoothie. The kids all love it, though!

I've made this smoothie multiple times with elementary students and it is always a hit! Last week I did this with first grade students and when I went shopping, the only frozen carrots available were tri-color (purple, yellow and orange). I was a bit apprehensive because part of the appeal of the smoothie is the beautiful orange color but it turned out great! I told the kids we were going to do a "science experiment" and had them make hypotheses about what color the smoothie would be. We then made the smoothie and figured out if our hypothesis was correct. The smoothie turned a beautiful red (it varied a little bit based on the carrots that went in) and the kids had a lot of fun! Out of five classes, only two students didn't care for the smoothie. I would definitely use the tri-color carrots again!