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Had this for breakfast this morning, it was great! It used apples & bananas, and chopped almonds.
Perfectly delicious! The only complaint we had was that we didn't make enough and were without leftovers.
I made this for a food tasting and pretty much everyone who tried it really liked it.  Many were surprised how good it was.  One lady even...
This is a tasty and attractive recipe. Some found it a touch sweet, but most of us loved its colorfulness!
This is a very tasty recipe! It’s a bit thick, but could easily be thinned with more milk. We threw in a handful of raisins and ½ teaspoon...
This is tasty and delicious.  It was very easy to put together and can be made with ground turkey or chicken, too.  Its flavors are mild,...
These are very simple to make.  They’re great with some butter and jam or on the side of a soup. On their own, they’re a little bland, but...
From my team of volunteers: a little bland (x2). Yum! Delicious (x2)!

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