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Store Well, Waste Less


Potatoes 2 Image

Wash potatoes just before cooking – scrub gently under cool running water. Sprouts show that the potato is trying to grow. If a sprouted potato is still firm, cut the sprouts away before cooking. Freezing cooked potatoes at home is not recommended because of texture changes.

Potatoes keep best where it is:

1. Cool, but not refrigerated - Cooler temperatures help potatoes last longer. Avoid refrigeration because it may change the taste and cause a gummy texture.

2. Well ventilated – Use paper bags or plastic bags with holes that allow air flow but keep potatoes from shriveling.

3. Dark – Potatoes exposed to light can develop a green color and a toxin near the surface. Green parts will have a bitter taste; cut them off before cooking.

Last updated: 07/12/17