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grocery shopping tips

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Comprar y Ahorrar - Zanahorias

Comprar y Ahorrar - Zanahorias

❁ Elija zanahorias firmes con color uniforme. Evite las zanahorias que estén blandas o flácidas. Si aun tiene hojas en la parte superior, éstas deben ser de un color verde brillante.

❁ Las zanahorias tipo “baby” no deben estar ni muy secas ni babosas.

Shop and Save - Carrots

Carrots Monthly

❁ Choose firm carrots with even color. Avoid carrots that are soft or limp. If the leaf tops are still on, they should be bright green.

❁ Baby carrots should be moist but not slimy.

Shop and Save - Rice

❁ When brown rice is processed to make white rice, the bran layer and the germ - and their nutrients - are removed. White rice labeledenriched has some nutrients added back. Enriched rice should not be rinsed before cooking.