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Types of Salad Greens

May 28
  By lundeenh

Try a mix for variety of flavor, texture and color. Darker color greens have more nutrients.

  1. Leaf lettuce (green or red) - tender, ruffled leaves with a crunchy center stem; mild flavor.
  2. Romaine or Cos - large, smooth, oval leaves with a thick crunchy center rib; more crisp than leaf lettuces; mild flavor.
  3. Butterhead - soft, tender cupped leaves; sweet, mild flavor.
  4. Iceberg - crisp pale green leaves; mild flavor and crunchy texture.
  5. Spinach and Kale - ✓Darkest green of all types! Baby leaves are tender. Mature leaves have more fiber and stiff stems. Soften mature kale leaves by cutting into small pieces or rubbing with your fingers and a small amount of dressing just until the leaves start to wilt.