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Types of Apples

Oct 01
  By anniekeene

Braeburn - Sweet-tart flavor and crisp texture; good fresh or cooked

Pink Lady (Cripps Pink) - Sweet-tart flavor and firm, crisp texture; excellent fresh or cooked, very good for freezing

Granny Smith - Crunchy and tart; good fresh, cooked or frozen

Gala - Crisp and very sweet; good fresh or cooked but not recommended for freezing

Honeycrisp - Crisp, sweet and juicy; excellent fresh or cooked and can be frozen

Fuji - Crunchy and super sweet; good fresh, cooked or frozen

Golden Delicious - Crisp, sweet and mellow with a tender skin; stays white longer after cutting; excellent for all purposes

Red Delicious - Crunchy texture and mildly sweet flavor; deep red skin adds color; best used fresh