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Onions - Store Well Waste Less

Store Well Waste Less Onions
Feb 01
  By dana.bean

■ Store whole onions in a cool, dark, dry place in an open bowl or bag for several weeks. They need air around them to slow spoilage.

■ Refrigerate peeled or cut onions in sealed containers or wrapped tightly. Use within 1 to 2 weeks.

■ Refrigerate green onions (scallions) and use within 1 to 2 weeks.

■ Freeze extra onions (raw or cooked) to prevent waste. Chop the onions and sauté if desired.

  • Freeze an amount to be used at one time in individual freezersafe containers or bags.
  • Freeze individual pieces on a tray and transfer to a freezer-safe container. To use, remove just what you need and return to the freezer. Use within 6 to 8 months in cooked dishes.