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June Gardening Social Media

Dec 27
  By EliannaCoulton


Having problems with aphids? Tomorrow morning, spray your plant for 30 seconds wherever you see aphids to knock them off! Call your OSU Master Gardener for more help if they persist! #GrowThis!


WATERING! Make sure you water your plants! Once it gets warm outside, water early in the morning or at dusk. If a plant is too hot, it will not be able to absorb water well, and hot days have high evaporation rates! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips


GARDENING Q&A Q: What is a great plant to grow with kids? A: Lettuce is a great option! There are many different types with different colors and flavors. Lettuce can grow in cool, shaded areas with low light (great for classrooms). Lettuce does not need a lot of attention while growing. Read the complete list of plants to grow with kids at


GARDENING Q&A Q: What are some bee-friendly plants I can add to my garden? A: Here are some easier-to-grow plants and flowering trees that bees love: Flowering plants: clover, sunflowers, phacelia, oregano Flowering trees: big leaf maple trees, apple, cherry and willow trees Continue reading at:


GARDENING Q&A Q: Is there a “challenging” plant I can try to grow? A: Two plant characteristics that many people might find challenging are: -A long germination time. Asparagus, lavender and rosemary take more than two weeks to germinate. -Plants that bolt (start to produce flowers instead of food) more quickly than other plants. These include leafy greens and cilantro. Other challenging plants include artichokes, carrots, celery and onions. Continue reading at:


GARDENING Q&A Q: What is bolting? A: Often called “going to seed,” bolting is normal and happens when a plant reaches the end of its growth cycle. It changes from making leaves and roots to making flowers and seeds for the next season of plants. It can be a problem for gardeners when it happens before they get a full harvest of vegetables. Plants that are more likely to bolt are lettuce, other leafy greens, basil, and cilantro. Bolting often occurs when a plant gets too much sun and heat. To slow it down, try a few things: -Protect your plants with shade cloth or by moving containers to a shady area. -Put a layer of mulch around your plants to cool the soil. -Trim back growing leaf stalks or flower buds as soon as you see them. Continue reading on our blog post:


If your pepper plants are getting big, support them with a trellis, cage or stakes to prevent them from breaking. #Growthis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips


Carrots grow best in loose soil. It helps them grow straight and drains well. That's important to keep your carrots from rotting. Make sure to weed carrots and other root vegetables diligently! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips


No place outdoors to garden? Don't let that keep you from growing your own herbs and vegetables. Grow them indoors in containers! Watch our video on how to create a container garden. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips



Cucumbers, pole beans, tomatoes and peppers need a trellis or other support as they grow. Have you built a trellis? Share a photo or explanation of how you made it. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips


If you planted garlic last fall, remember to harvest it soon! Two weeks before harvesting, stop watering it and let the tops dry out and turn brown. #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #garlic


If you start to see flowers on top of your basil plants, pluck them off! That will redirect the energy back into the plant to make more leaves. When harvesting basil, take only the top leaves of each stem. The old leaves do not taste as good! Plus the plant needs some leaves to keep growing! #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips


If your garlic is growing scapes, cut them off to help the garlic bulb grow. Use the scapes in recipes. They have a mild and sweet taste! #Growthis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips #garlic


It is starting to get hot, not just for you, but for some of your plants. Watch our video to learn which plants are stressed by the full summer sun and ways to keep them in the shade. #GrowThis! #gardening #growathome #gardeningtips


If your pepper plants are getting big, support them with a trellis, cage or stakes to prevent them from breaking. #Growthis!