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Kids Can - Cheese!

Cheese Food Hero Monthly

When kids help make healthy food, they are more likely to try it. Show kids how to:

❁ grate cheese with a box grater.

❁ measure and mix ingredients.

❁ sprinkle cheese and filling on tortillas.

❁ cut quesadillas with a pizza cutter.

Cheese - Store Well Waste Less

Store Well Waste Less Cheese

■ Store cheese in the refrigerator. Soft cheeses may only keep for a week. The harder the cheese, the longer it can be stored.

More About Cheese


❁ Some cheeses are made with mold that is safe to eat (Brie, Camembert or blue cheese). Mold that is not part of the cheese-making process can cause illness. If you see mold on sliced, shredded, crumbled or soft cheese, throw away all of the cheese.

Cheese - Shop and Save

Cheese Food Hero Monthly

❁ Watch for sale prices and coupons.

❁ Compare cost per ounce to decide which package is the best buy.

❁ Sliced or grated cheese may cost more than cheese in a block.