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Evaluation Tools


Cooking Tools

***Are you an Oregon SNAP-Ed Educator?  CTS Unit Goal for FFY 2019: Please continue using this survey with adults, both traditional ENG and SPAN speaking Food Hero moms with kids at home under 18yrs, and older adults. --IMPORTANT NOTE -- Participants should only take this survey once. Please ask if participants have taken the survey previously, before you administer*** 

Parent Recipe

**Are you an Oregon SNAP-Ed Educator?  We will be using the Parent Recipe Survey in a very limited way for FFY 2018.**

Kids Taste

Kids' Tasting surveys and voting with counting chips help identify recipes that have been tested and approved by at least 25 kids. “Kid Approved” means that at least 70% of the kids who tried a recipe in a taste test "Liked!" the taste.  View all the Kid Approved recipes.

Family Dinner

***Are you an Oregon SNAP-Ed Educator?  We will be using the FDS on a special-request basis only this year. Please verify your plan to use FDS with Lauren Tobey or Chris Mouzong before you administer this survey in FFY 2019***