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Other Tools


Older Adults

More tools coming in Spring of 2020...

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Food Hero went live in September of 2009 and Be A Food Hero Month is now nationally recognized each September.

September birthday hashtags: #BeAFoodHero #FoodHero10Strong

More tools will be added as they are created!

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Smoothie Cart

Food Hero Smoothie Recipes

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Be A Food Hero Cookbook

This book is a great tool for Food Heroes! It includes:

  • 37 tasty, flexible and healthy low-cost recipes tested with adults and kids.  The recipes used in this book are some of Food Hero’s most popular and require a limited set of common ingredients and basic cooking tools. Each recipe provides ideas to make it your own.
  • guides for measuring and storing ingredients and cooking tools.
  • flavored water basics and snack ideas.

Dam Proud

Food Heroes Fighting Hunger and Food Insecurity


2019 Results for Food Hero

Kids Art

A fun way to get kids excited about drawing all types of food. Deadline for next year's 2019 contest is April 15th. This contest is open to Oregon schools where OSU Extension Service SNAP-Ed is present.

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Created to promote comprehensive wellness for children and their families over Spring Break. The card includes 24 tasks covering healthy eating (14), physical activity (7), and less screen time (3).

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Grocery Display

Food Hero is piloting the insertion of Food Hero Monthlies at the point of purchase in Grocery Stores and Client Choice Food Pantries.  Additionally any materials from the Community Toolkit can be used in grocery stores.  

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Four Food Hero Monthly newsletters translated into Vietnamese. More coming soon!

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Funding Ideas


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Quantity Recipes Marketing

The files below will help you market the Food Hero quantity recipes to your team and partners.

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Bulletin Boards

Food Hero Bulletin Board Project

This project was developed to transform bulletin board space into research tested "billboards" promoting healthy eating. The toolkit of materials is most effective in sites where pre-k up to 2nd grade children frequent. These tools will help you be creative in designing engaging bulletin boards, including with kids!

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School Wellness

USDA School Wellness Parent Flyer Template - Food Hero Branding

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For information on how to get these materials printed please contact the campus team to obtain the high quality waterproof markers.

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Use our Healthy Celebrations Toolkit to meet the needs of your program.  We like to use these materials on our bulletin boards and event signs and in combination with our featured food images

- Also see our Smoothie Cart page.

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Recipe Tasting

Once submitted to the Food Hero team potential recipes go through testing.  In addition to being tested for overall flavor, color, and texture we look for recipes that have low-cost and easy to find ingredients, easy to follow instructions, and a reasonable preparation time.  Each recipe is tasted and rated by several people using these comment cards.

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Student Food Hero Coordinators and Volunteers

Recipe Criteria

All recipes used for Food Hero meet the Food Hero Recipe Criteria. 

Spanish Glossary

The Food Hero Spanish Glossary is a pictorial reference list of common vocabulary terms. A team of bilingual SNAP-Ed nutrition educators from throughout Oregon provides ongoing input, working with a professional translation team and reviewer team. The intention is to have consistent, easily understood word use across Food Hero materials, and words that are understandable across Spanish dialects.